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Pink is the Least Glamorous Person to do Glamour of the Day

She’s like some rough neck bitch you’d expect to find wrestling dudes in the backyard at the trailer park, and by wrestling I mean raping them.

You know, just a rugged, masculine, arm wrestling beauty, who likes strap-ons and peeing in urinals as much as the next penis hating dyke.

A penis hating dyke, in a dress, being a lady for a magazine of the day….and I feel some of you on the fence fags like it, cuz she’s the gateway girl to what you really want.

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  • Phillip McCracken

    you should save yourself time from now on. whenever you post Miley or Pink, just copy and paste your story cause basically Miley is trying to be Pink, as it looks like Amanda Bynes is getting to that point too. save yourself time so you can go pick up those slutty french canadian biotches