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Kendall Jenner Bikini Pics for Social Media of the Day

Kendall Jenner is the 17 year old Kardashian being trained to take over the throne, and be the figure head for the family, you know the girl the paparazzi follow, who gets into staged scandals and walks around in a bikini, until getting hired by Victoria’s Secret, allowing her to live out her dream of being a lazy, overpaid bitch, who offers very little to the public, because posing half naked, is not getting fucked on camera….if you know what I mean…but I guess she doesn’t have to go down that route cuz her fat sister took the hit for the family,,,

Here she is eating like a pig because she grew up with the Kardashians….but more importantly, she’s licking her lips like a young harlot cuz she grew up with the Kardashians. This is all manufactured crap that will implode along with her soul…I am sure of it…

Some More Inappropriate Kendall Jenner Side Tit Teen Ass Bikini Pics
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  • She loves AB? Who the fuck is AB.

    She spelled JM wrong.