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Kate Upton for Vogue June 2013 of the Day

Kate Upton is so overrated that talking about how fat and overrated she is is already played the fuck out….you know what more can be said about a doughy looking sloppy 19 year old, who got popular for having abnormal sized tits, that I always knew the rest of her would catch up to, but I guess no one cared about that, because we are an instant gratification generation, who can’t bother worrying about her weird gut and hips, and saggers while still teen, they just wanted her cleavage….

I guess every generation needs an Anna Nicole Smith….busty and fat….I don’t know why we’d need that…but her viral success that’s got her up in fashion magazines like Vogue….tell me a different story…

I’ve always been the guy to say leave the pig in the barn, even when everyone else says, bring the pig out, dress her up, put some lipstick on her, and let’s have a good old fashion pig gangbang.

I’m right and doing the right thing, the humane thing, but they are the masses and they are loving this pig, eagerly waiting hard to have sex with the pig….in an “if everyone’s doing it” kind of way….while I’m happy to sit this one out and be the outsider on this one….

Even if this pig everyone wants a piece of happens to be a busty model making millions…maybe I’m the idiot…but I stand by my morals and values…

All this to say, thank god for photoshop….If you know what I mean….

Here is the video…

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  • lk

    shes super hot. your insane

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would wear my dick down on this bitchs vaginas.

  • Mike

    Jealous much, bitch?

  • roscoe

    She’s a super hot 40 year old. Can’t believe she’s had 3 kids.

  • Phillyboy

    Your nuts dude this girl is gorgeous…
    fuck that skinny model crap this girl is
    sexy as hell

  • Rosarch

    She is fucking hot and awesome, how the hell could anyone hate on her. I would not leave the bedroom for a minimum of 3 days with her.