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Heidi Klum Twitter Bikini Pic of the Day

Heidi Klum doesn’t turn me on because she’s an ex-model, all old and shit. She turns me on because I know the kind of sexual deviant she must be and not just because she’s german and likely into scat, but because she has kids with multiple men, meaning she likes the cum up in her, but one of those men, was a big black guy who had a cock the size of a woman’s forearm, pretty much fisting her everytime they fucked, destroying her tall model pussy, one thrust at a time, and for some reason I can’t explain, that is exciting to me. It’s like watching a girl shove a wine bottle in her ass, it’s just so hardcore that the fact that she does it is amazing….

So old or not, I’ll still stare at her bikini pics…she’s got great tits….that dirty German…

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  • Durka Durr

    She turns me on because she’s 6 and a half feet tall, weighs 200 pounds, and has squirted multiple sprogs out of her vaginal tract.

  • Mandy

    Isn’t that mudshark’s 15 minutes up yet?

  • Angel

    Yawn. What a basic slut. Why doesn’t she post a picture of her hugging her kids? I’d rather see her make an effort than show off her nothingness in a bikini. Mandy’s right. That mudslut’s at: 14:59:59