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Kanye Vs Pole is the LOLZ of the DAy

I forgot to post this last week, because I was so caught up in TEEN MOM FARRAH’S SEX TAPE , which in and of itself was a feel good story of coming out on top….or coming on top…or being cummed on from on top…

Doesn’t matter…what does matter is that Kanye, humiliated that he knocked up the teen mom of her generation, Kim Kardashian enough to get her pregnant….and now he’s locked into her and forced to hang out with her to look like he’s not a deadbeat, even though it is bad for his career to associate with such garbage and the fact that he does is just major fail on his part….was walking with his head down, and he went right into a pole.

Kim tried to comfort him but was probably more interested in eating his corpse if he died, this is like that Movie ALIVE, just walking makes her that desperate for food.

And Kanye tried to be a man, running his 5 foot 4 self up to the paparazzi and screaming at him like a teen girl on her period who’s dad wouldn’t lend her the car for the night as a white dude gets his back, cuz that’s gangster, while the immigrant paparazzi apologizes like a pussy, because let’s face it, that’s what the paparazzi are.

I mean I guess you could have just watched the video, instead of reading my play by play….assuming you read my play by play….no one read this did they?

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  • Kanye is such a pussy baby, he’s the asshole that needs to learn how to walk without running into shit. Too bad the pole didn’t knock him the Fuck out. Very funny video though….!

  • Mark

    Your articles on events are almost always late, but always the best written so worth the wait! Hahahh