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Aubrey O’Day Thinner for Instagram of the Day

It’s safe to say that Aubrey O’Day knows her selfie angles.

You know the kind of fat chick who knows how to pose for a selfie, because a selfie is the only photograph being taken of her, cuz she just doesn’t matter anymore, not that she ever did, but as far as she is concerned she did, you know DIDDY fucked her and all, that’s a big deal for some fat chick from Palm Springs….

She’s modeling a bikini for instagram, she’s not offensively fat, I don’t have to listen to her talk, so I’m okay with this shit…even if I hate everything about her….there’s just something about her not looking like a fat ditch pig…that makes me forget all the negatives….

She should keep this sucking in her gunt thing up…it’s the best she’s been…pretty much ever…even if I can tell she’s still a fat chick posing proper….and I hate fat chicks…

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  • ellegaunt

    Said like a lonely man with so
    drying to prove but no way to prove it.

  • ellegaunt

    *Something to prove

  • Annonymess

    Look closely at how warped the door frame is in the bikini pic. Totally Photoshopped! She Photoshops then posts them on Instagram to act like they’re not. She’s way curvier than that regardless of how skinny she gets. And the one where she is wearing the dress, the right side is all fuzzy from ‘shoppin!

  • eazypeazy

    she is also guilty of “stretching” her photos. shes not too bad though