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Miley Cyrus Pantsless for Twitter of the Day

I don’t know what the deal is with this Miley Cyrus picture is, but I know that it is amazing…and I am glad that it happened…because Miley Cyrus, despite being an entitled, spoiled brat, rich cunt of a person….with an irritating hick twang thanks to her uneducated cuz her parents sold her to the entertainment industry ass, an ass I’d like to have sex with, not because it looks 15 thanks to Disney hormone therapy, but because it’d be good to K-Fed….except for the whole having to listen to her talk part….an ass that I don’t mind seeing pantsless, because let’s face it, she’s got a tight body

Miley Cyrus…you’ve won again.

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  • mao999

    If you think that she has a nice body, then you got some visual issues.

  • Tim

    If you think she doesn’t, then you’re being blinded by the hair.

  • tonyZ

    I’ve seen hotter bodies on a 12 yr old

  • Jstyle

    So ur gay and blind

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