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Keira Knightley’s Bikini for her Honeymoon of the Day

Skinny little Keira Knightley got married a couple of weeks ago and no one cared.

I assume these are some pics of her in her bikini on the beach are from her Honeymoon, you know showing off her skinny little body before the baby starts to show, or more importantly before the baby ravages her uterus, rips apart her vagina and fuckin’ rapes her stomach so that it will forever be flabby….but she’ll be too hormonal to care and too busy celebrating her new milk filled tits…as she takes that journey into motherhood….one I find horribly offensive…..

So take it all in, she’s too disgustingly happy in love to not get knocked up, this may be the last of her like this you’ll ever see.


To see the pics of her in a bikini FOLLOW THIS LINK

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  • Mick

    From the navel down, would have no problem.