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Candice Swanepoel’s Nipple in Interview Germany of the Day

From Miranda Kerr’s Titties On Set to these Candice Swanepeol titties in a magazine….it’s been a good day for nipples that are usually Angelina Jolied by the evil corporation they work for. It’s like you can own us because you made us celebrities, but you can’t take our nipples, Victoria’s Secret….

I’m a fan of Candice Swanepoel, she’s got a tight fit body, I’ve written her at least one love song that I’m working on the choreographed dance to before taking it to youtube, you know to win her heart….and in the meantime….I’ll be staring at these….but I don’t think you should…because she’s not some public domain slut….or maybe she is…that doesn’t stop my love….

These pics are alright…Thanks Interview Germany, you’re way better than other things Germany has brought us, like the Holocaust. It only took them 70 years to get to this point…

All this to say, I’d like her to breast feed me….

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  • cowbulls

    I knew she wasn’t a 10 and that poor nipple is the reason. The rest of Candice is a sexual wonderland.

  • Mike

    The nipples are ok, the text is not. Germany is maybe the only country in the world fully exploring and understanding the younger history, and has soldiers dying in Afghanistan nowadays.To reduce it down to Holocaust and nipples is not even a joke, it is tasteless bullshit. “Hey, it took only 100 years for the US from selling smallpox-infested blankets to Indians to the nipples of Katy Perry!” Hurts,eh?