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Olivia Munn in her Bikini for Esquire of the Day

Oliva Munn is the fucking worst, but for some reason people still care about her. I would have figured her leaving a now defunct show that is all she’s ever really done, would make her semi-irrelevance totally irrelevant…..but the reality is her semi irrelevance was designed for nerds….who as we know are a loyal crowd, who would never make her fade into obscurity….at least that’s what her hard nipples in Esquire are telling me, cuz why the fuck else would they feature her….I mean it’s not like she’s a household name….she’s not even hot…but whatever…I’ll just go with it…

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  • Mick

    Yeah but she has a fuckable body.

  • damn, she looks amazing. i like the understated look alot!

  • jason

    Where the hell did her books go? They looked big in Magic Mike.

  • jason

    Sigh boobs damn auto correct

  • Scott

    She’s absolutely gorgeous and funny. But I understand she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Beauty is subjective. She does have the nerd crowd, but I’m just an average Joe. As far as what she’s doing now–she plays an awesome part on the HBO show “The Newsroom” which starts season 2 in June. When she spoke Japanese during one episode, it just made her even hotter to me.

  • Velder

    What’s wrong with her?