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Amanda Bynes Was Arrested of the Day

So the big news that no one should really pay attention to is that Amanda Bynes, attention seeker, has been arrested.

They’ll be playing it off as “she’s crazy and need help”, but I think it is safe to say that this is totally staged, mainly because of her awesome wig.

The charges are apparently that she has weed and a bong, like 80 percent of America, and that her doorman called the cops on her for smoking in the hallway….something we can assume she paid him to do.

It’s a classic, people are looking, give em a show, she’s not actually crazy, broken maybe, but really who the fuck isn’t.

I think it’s fun, and not just because I see it as a great opportunity to re-post her topless, busty, long leg, pics…

I just like seeing some erratic behavior, it reminds me that we’re not all medicated drones.

Keep up the good work Bynes, love, your number 1 fan.

Seriously. I’d marry this girl if only she’d answer my tweets…

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