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Some Model Named Alexina Graham Modeling Lingerie of the Day

Alexina Graham is probably a no name model….not that any model has a name….they all kinda blend into one another all half naked for fashion and shit….but at least they are trying to break through all the clutter that is internet pussy by getting half naked for lingerie companies I’ve never heard of…in order to showcase their bodies and assert to the world that they fucking matter, because no one wants to work 9-5, especially not this generation of internet whores who are both model and their own personal photographers for internet fans they’ve never met…so the fact that this model actually gets paid to be in her underwear, unlike all the selfies I jerk off to every day, makes her a pro and for that, we must acknowledge her…..or at least stare at her sheer panty pics and try to understand why she doesn’t have nipples….it’s that Damn Photoshop, or maybe the whole fair skinned redhead with invisible nippples plague I’ve heard about….and seen only once before…

Doesn’t matter.

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