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Alexina Graham Bikini of the Day

Alexina Graham may look like she’s about to Irish Dance on your dick in some penis abuse fetish video, you know cuz of her red hair and fair skin that typically freaks me out because I feel that the hatred of Gingers has been something that has been around since the dawn of humanity, where cavemen would kill off the ginger thinking it was sent there from hell, maybe eating the ginger heart for their ginger powers and that hasn’t really ever changed since….it’s also the reason I think gingers have super retard strength because their DNA is coded to survive being left in the woods as babies….I saw WILLOW and I know how it is…

Anyway, this Irish Dancer who may not be Irish Dancer at all, since she’s from the UK….and has apparently worked for Victoria’s Secret cuz of her tits…because gingers, along with fluorescent pubic hair you can use to guide ships into port on a stormy night out in Glasgow…can have tits…and clearly this one likes showing hers…on instagram where Zuckerberg moonlights as a pornographer.


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Alexina Graham’s COVID Update of the Day

Victoria’s Secret Model and Ginger who you know has orange pubic hair which makes her that the more hilarious, took her big tits, or pushed up model tits, to dance her way through being hospitalized with COVID-19….

I figure being in NYC, being a model who doesn’t eat to stay skinny, possibly licking toilet seats or being shit on by rich dudes to make rent, are all factors in why this girl went to the hospital….

Then there’s they whole maybe she’s paranoid, hypochondriac, people are wimps and when they get a cough they go to the clinic….or ER…

I am not that person, I could be run over on the street bleeding after being run over, my leg broke and will try to walk it off….”nothing wrong here”…

So anyway, her inspiring message posted with this titty dance is:

Just a quick hello guys and to let you know I’m sooo much better. Thank you to everyone who sent messages and sent love, you have no idea how much it helped and how it lifted my spirit Im still resting and taking it easy- but I am soooo much better and more than anything I wanted to thank you all for your positive vibes. Keep inside, keep safe and love to everyone of you.

Which I guess means she survived this great PR stunt, use that COVID to get talked about…as she steals precious equipment and resources from the people actually dying of the virus cuz she’s a fucking wimp…

I thought gingers were supposed to have super strength in their DNA from being killed off since the dawn of man when the first ginger came out and they assumed it was the DEVIL….

Here’s her hospital bed…erotica…if COVID is your fetish

Some People are still not taking this seriously. I see on the news there are still gatherings going on and even house party’s!!Please stay home in isolation alone or with who you live with only!! It’s scary -I was throwing up and on the toilet at the same time multiple times through the first day, the fever appeared and then when It broke I got severe chills, i was light headed, I lost shortness of breath, I lost the ability to be able to speak properly in full sentences,my lungs just wouldn’t let me, my chest was tight, I wasn’t able to get in and out of a bath alone, i needed help to get in and out of bed and even eating became painful!! Please take this seriously and please stay home. Love to you all out there

Here is some of her ginger tits….from the archive…

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Alexina Graham is a Slutty Redhead of the Day

Alexina Graham Slutty Redhead

I don’t know who Alexina Graham but she got her tits out…which is nice to see because despite being a GINGER she didn’t kill herself…but instead decided she was worthy of being a titty model…while most other redheads are trying to find a cave to crawl into and die…because the average non-redhead actual human is terrified of them.

So here’s to body positivity, empowerment, and all that other shit that gets a bitch naked or half naked for us to jack off to if we feel so inclined…or if we feel bored of actual humans and want to dive into some ALIEN shit with a GINGER…because they aren’t human.

Alexina Graham Slutty Redhead


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Some Model Named Alexina Graham Modeling Lingerie of the Day

Alexina Graham is probably a no name model….not that any model has a name….they all kinda blend into one another all half naked for fashion and shit….but at least they are trying to break through all the clutter that is internet pussy by getting half naked for lingerie companies I’ve never heard of…in order to showcase their bodies and assert to the world that they fucking matter, because no one wants to work 9-5, especially not this generation of internet whores who are both model and their own personal photographers for internet fans they’ve never met…so the fact that this model actually gets paid to be in her underwear, unlike all the selfies I jerk off to every day, makes her a pro and for that, we must acknowledge her…..or at least stare at her sheer panty pics and try to understand why she doesn’t have nipples….it’s that Damn Photoshop, or maybe the whole fair skinned redhead with invisible nippples plague I’ve heard about….and seen only once before…

Doesn’t matter.

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