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Alexina Graham Bikini of the Day

Alexina Graham may look like she’s about to Irish Dance on your dick in some penis abuse fetish video, you know cuz of her red hair and fair skin that typically freaks me out because I feel that the hatred of Gingers has been something that has been around since the dawn of humanity, where cavemen would kill off the ginger thinking it was sent there from hell, maybe eating the ginger heart for their ginger powers and that hasn’t really ever changed since….it’s also the reason I think gingers have super retard strength because their DNA is coded to survive being left in the woods as babies….I saw WILLOW and I know how it is…

Anyway, this Irish Dancer who may not be Irish Dancer at all, since she’s from the UK….and has apparently worked for Victoria’s Secret cuz of her tits…because gingers, along with fluorescent pubic hair you can use to guide ships into port on a stormy night out in Glasgow…can have tits…and clearly this one likes showing hers…on instagram where Zuckerberg moonlights as a pornographer.


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