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Girl Claims TSA Touched Her Breasts and Vagina of the Day

People like this annoy me. They make a big deal out of nothing, they cause line-ups, they bring a lot of headaches and negativity instead of just going along with the rules and regulations, claiming the TSA are fucking with her shit, which they probably are as they fondle her tits to make sure she doesn’t have a bomb. as her friend videotapes it, making me thing she staged this to prove a point, a point that I assume is that going through Airport security is hot, or more that Lesbian activist cunts are the worst….who are so bitter when people touch them cuz it reminds them of when daddy touched them….when really they need to be touched…cuz from my experience their is nothing a good hard fuck doesn’t solve. If anything it would lighten her the fuck up a bit….

The ones who need it the most are always the biggest complainers.

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