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Doutzen Kroes’ Amazing Picture for Instagram of the Day

Doutzen Kroes did good for instagram…I wonder how she took this picture of herself, or maybe it’s just one from a photoshoot that makes her feel like she’s hot, desirable, and that she wants everyone to see, because it makes her feel good about herself….even though you’d think her bank account that is full thanks to the way she looks is enough for her….you know at this stage she can put ugly pics up and they still look better than the pussy we all fuck, but I guess she prefers the pro shots, you know to showcase her work, and get that pat on the back from us perverts that wish our instagram “Like” was our semen….inside her….but she prefers darker colored DJs you your pasty failure ass…..because you see…she’s got this ass and it’s professional grade, no time for amateurs.

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