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Cassie Makes Esquire Good of the Day

There was a time many years ago that the Cassie and Rihanna nude pics were released at the exact same time on the exact same day….where Cassie, who was Puff Daddy’s girl and probably still is, and Rihanna who was Jay-Z’s girl, went titty and booty to titty and booty, and despite Cassie coming out on top, with the far hotter look and feel and tender touch, Rihanna still sky rocketed to super fame….

Well, it looks like Cassie and her Diddy team are stepping up their game before she turns 40 years old, cuz they got her up in Esquire and I wouldn’t mind being up in her…but in my defence – I’ve always wanted to bang a hot black girl but never have because they all ignore me like snobs, making them some forbidden fruit I probably hold in higher esteem than I should…but after looking at these pics again, she’s good any color.

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  • Juli

    Except that she isn’t black. She’s FiliBlaxican.

  • sasio

    She is ridiculously fucking superhot. Fuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkk.

  • Jack

    When will girls realize this haircut makes them look like ugly idiots?

  • J

    She is black moron