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Heidi Klum Attacked by a Naked Protestor of the Day

I don’t care what these girls are protesting, I am going to assume based on their sloppy bodies, that it has something to do with hating skinny girls, because that’s what all the corporations want girls to be protesting, you know feel empowered to bully skinny girls who get paid millions to look good, encouraging other girls to use Rosie or Roseanne as their idols or that new Australian from Pitch Perfect, instead of skinny girls….all to increase sales of fast food, to make the world a lazier place that doesn’t protest, who are addicted to anti-depressants and rely on diabetes medication…health and fitness is the one thing the government and big business doesn’t want.

What it comes down to is that I totally endorse all protests that involve tits…even if I am totally into models and their skinny long bodies.

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  • Sloppy my ass they have etter looking breasts than Heidi’s floppy ones. Where do you get off on the “attack” part when all she did was get confronted? I like this site but at least get your bearins straight. I assume you’re a Klum fan. She isn’t as hot or attractive as other much older and better looking (female) celebs.