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Pam Anderson’s Being Pam Anderson a Decade Later for Vogue Brazil of the Day

Never too old to try, especially not when you’re entire 50 year old body has been rebuilt, refurbished, redesigned, and is in fact less than 20 years old.

Jerking off to these tits would be illegal based on their age alone, but since they are attached to some zombie Glamour Model of yesteryear, it makes it ok, even if it should be illegal…

The reality is that she’s photoshopped so hard that this is not even her, if anything these pics could just be from the archives of her younger years, being played off today, because she doesn’t look dead, or like a zombie, all yellow and dying of HEP, like her sagging skin faced normally does…

It’s still nice to be reminded of the 90s, when jerking off to Pam Anderson was a thing all guys did pre-internet thanks to Baywatch Slow Motion scenes and some playboy pictorials.

Even if it is weird.

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