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January Jones Topless Scene is Horrible of the Day

I am not a fan of January Jones .

I mean sure I appreciate any bitch who has an unwanted pregnancy and doesn’t sell out the sperm donor involved, because that’s just decent of her, I mean if I knocked up a pitch, I’d want her to pretend it never happened and raise it like it was a fatherless bastard, because it is, even if I live down the street, or hall, just don’t get me involved.

I guess I also tend to like any girl who is hyped up because of her tits, you know give her one reason to matter, and make that reason be her bra size. It’s just a perfect level of objectification that makes things feel like old times, when women were nothing by the host body of tits and pussy.

But based on this topless scene, it turns out that January Jones’ tits were just hollywood movie magic….and are in fact not anything worth celebrating.

I mean how can tits people made a big deal about for so long turn out to be such a disappointment, this is worse than bringing home big tits, to find out it was all bra…because the girl you brought home with you was punished and will live with the stain that is having had sex with you forever, while January Jones just keeps on making the big bucks to support her single mother household.

I get it, she breast fed, lost the baby weight, and all that other bullshit, but these half empty sandwich bags of asymmetrical flesh, are the fucking worst…I mean those nipples are a whole lot of weirdness going on…what a shame…get implants.

Here’s the clip.

Here are the pics…I think I see bush…which saves this whole scene…cuz I fucking love bush….

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  • loppy

    Be careful what you wish for. The topless shoot Raquel Welch did when she was young shows why she preferred to keep them covered. Weird nips.

  • senorita

    um, her breasts are not bad at all. She had a kid. Michelle Williams’ look like that too

  • Peter Darker

    Who in the fuck said Michelle Williams was hot shit? She looks like she has a touch of the downs. Keep those things locked away too.

  • Jess

    You are crazy, her boobs are great. And they are real. Nice change from all the too large, swollen, hard-looking fakies out there.

  • Agent Michael Scarn

    Is she supposed to be a bad-ass because she can shoot into the ground three feet in front of her?

  • What makes it worse is I never heard of her.

  • senorita

    Michelle Williams is gorgeous, are you kidding me? Wow, you need some perspective