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Amy Adams Nipple For July’s Elle UK of the Day

I think Amy Adams has come down with a case of some titties for Fashion. It happens to most people who have been in a magazine at least once in their life, because for some amazing reason, fashion likes nipples, I guess the pervert behind the industry figured playing the “nudity for art” angle, got the same results as “I’ll pay you to show me your tits”, but better turn out to the auditions. I mean these girls, for the most part aren’t even getting paid to get naked in these magazines, they just do it because they think they are part of a bigger thing, a higher concept, and don’t realize, they are just suckers buying into nonsense, via their naked tits….

I am not complaining. I think it’s great to get girls who generally aren’t hookers, to hook.

Not that Amy Adams is really on my top 1000 girls who I want to see in lace, or more importantly, who’s nipples I want to see through lace, but in everything I do, I take what I can get.

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