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Erin Heatherton’s Nipple of GQ Germany of the DAy

Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex, Victoria’s Secert model, Erin Heatherton, did a a shoot she’s meant to be doing for GQ Germany, that shows off her model tits.

You see, she makes a lot of money to mosey half naked, there should be a certain percentage of her work that involves her being fully naked, you know to get her the gig in the first place, and to give us something to cross reference when jerking off to her catalog pics…

In fact, Victoria’s Secret, if they were smart, would do a fully nude Catalog once a year, with all their girls spread out like this saying “what happens after you buy your bitch our shitty overpriced made in Bangladesh garbage”…because it would justify their salaries, generate hype, and really give us what we want, instead of forcing us to turn to GQ Germany to get it.

Here are her titties you have seen in a bra….not in a bra…I dig it.

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