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Erin Heatherton Grows into Her Ass of the Day

I forgot that after Bar Refaeli and before 100 other Victoria’s Secret models and some Sports Illustrated models…Leo Dicaprio had unprotected sex with this one…Erin Heatherton…because since being dropped by VS for being fat, eating her feelings after realizing her LEO marketing hustle didn’t pan out….we all forgot who she was…but she’s back, she’s out, the paparazzi where there…all to showcase her dumpy model ass…because body positivity or some shit.


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Has Another Nude Hack Happened? Of the Day

Erin Heatherton Naked Leaked

There have been rumors of another iPhone Hack and I don’t know if this is anything to do with that but it’s still magical….knowing that nothing is secure despite people thinking things are secure, and people take and produce some weird fucking content around themselves, that they think will never get out there, but get out there…to the internet…where it will live forever…

These are probably old….but I’ll post them anyway because I am old…and I have no idea what’s current, in or not….

So here’s some chick naked Emily Browning Weird Leaked Nudes of the Day…

I know nothing about her, but she looks good crying while masturbating – something you can all relate to…

Erin Heatherton Leaked Pics of the Day that are a little too artistic and weird…but that are a video which makes them more magical than the sex she had Leo….because he’s gay…

Emily Didonato Leaked Pics of the Day include her big tits everyone fell in love with because they were naked on TV….

Em Rat Cow…some of these are old…

And ultimately none of these nudes are that good…and none of these nudes are necessarily even the people in them….because claiming that it is could get me sued…

This post was totally not worth getting sued over…but whatever…gotta live dangerously sometimes…right…

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Erin Heatherton Demonstrates Why Victoria’s Secret Fired her of the Day




Happens…or happened…

There was a time when Erin Heatherton was fucking Leonardo DiCaprio…..That was the peak of her existence, but like most people, she probably had no idea it was going to end. She was a new face at Victoria’s Secret, she was being marketed by an A-Lister everyone wants to fuck, especially models – because his co-sign is the only co-sign…but then she got fired, feel off the map, went into a deep cookies and ice cream depression that she clearly at herself out of….the pressure of being a starving model fucks metabolisms…but luckily she’s in an era where fat models can exist, if anything they are all the fucking celebrated – by everyone but the person paying for their dinner!

Remember the good times…


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Erin Heatherton’s Picking her Ass on the Beach

EH (4)

Fired from Leonardo DiCaprio’s bed..which led to her being fired from Victoria’s Secret…leading to her not being fired from the all you can eat buffet where she stocked up on food like she was Karolina Kourkova in the fat years…you can google it…I’ve been doing this blog for a long time and these sluts are interchangeable and repetitive…

New life was sucked into her career by the good people at Sports Illustrated, who said “we need big girls of all sizes, let’s use you, you’re a name, you’re known, let’s reinvigorate things”…that was in February…

Well, she’s still bigger, not offensively big, just too big of a belly hanging over her bathing suit for someone like me who likes skinny models…but who people will love, since fat chicks are popular and trendy in this inclusive safe space everyone is friends world we live in…I mean she’s hardly plus sized, even though she’s huge…..

I’m glad she’s smiling and powered through the dark times, but it may just be a sugar high…before the crash…thanks to all the cake.

EH (1)

EH (14)


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Erin Heatherton’s Asshole Upskirt in Miami of the Day


Erin Heatherton is one of the models that Leonardo DiCaprio hired to play girlfriend when she was first launching her modeling career, before getting fat and being downgraded to Sports Illustrated, which happens to be where Lenardo DiCaprio is hiring his new girlfriend’s from, because like Hugh Hefner, the gutter girls are more fun than the uppity fashion girls..

The reason I know they weren’t or aren’t actually fucking Leonardo DiCaprio, and/or that they are hookers who gold dig to fuck the famous, is because they are all BFFs and any girl I know would eat the fucking fetus of any girl who fucks a man they dated, even fucked, it’s just too close for comfort….

Well, she’s making moves by showing the world her fat legs and her asshole at some Sports Illustrated Miami swim event – because these motherfuckers are milking the fuck out of their magazine release with a 10 days of bullshit appearances, like the friend you hate who drags out their birthday into a month long ordeal…it’s like shut the fuck up SI and go take pics of girls in their bikinis, while those same girls on their quest of fame and fortune or at least fame and fortune cock….show the world their assholes…

If you’re not into her asshole – and everyone should be because they are the gateway to a woman’s soul – and the only kind of sext I want – like Leo – He’s more about his asshole – here’s an emotional post by her directed at the sports illustrated editor – like some suck up weirdo

“The lady that made my life fun again.. MJ, you are everything to me @MJ_Day”

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 2.05.10 PM

Intense…I guess this is what happens when a model fired by Victoria’s Secret goes through a depression – and needs SI to pull her out of the model dumps….I just wonder what the real reason for her being fired…I blame herpes…AIDS…or Leonardo but we’ll just go with “she didn’t sell enough for them because these girls are just sexy avon ladies”….


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Erin Heatherton Nipples for Yu Tsai of the Day

erin (1)

Erin Heatherton is one of the girls who dated Leonardo DiCaprio, even though I’ve been told he fucks dudes…

She’s works with other girls who have dated Leonardo DiCaprio, even though he fucks dudes…

Which either means he fucks dudes, as girls don’t like to fuck the dudes their friends fuck….or these VS models are prostitutes who do what they are told especailly when it comes to fucking a-listers…

Either way, she’s nude modeling, because I guess she needs some press, to keep her competitive…and I like tits…

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Erin Heatherton for Sports Illustrated – Not in a Swimsuit of the Day


I don’t know what Sports Illustrated is doing here…they are the bikini people and these aren’t cheesy bikini photos…are they trying to compete with instagram and high fashion by using actual models like Erin Heatherton in editorial spreads that have absolutely nothing to do with swimsuits or sports? Are they trying to be Sports Illustrated fashion, knowing that chicks are into fashion and also into girls guys jerk off to….because they want to be jerked off to also…Weird…

I guess it’s just typical of media, even sports media to be “advertisers pay more for chicks, let’s target chicks by using real models and photoshoots”…

It’s like a total disregard to the cheesy, busty, bikini pics we’ve all grown so fucking bored of…

It’s a scramble, but the good news is that Victoria’s Secret has actual hot pics of Erin Heatherton ….while Sports Illustrated figures out their rebrand…when all they need to remember is that we only care about the tits…

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Erin Heatherton for L’Officel Hommes of the Day


Erin Heatherton is one of the last few American made models, who is an actual model and not an instagram model…and if you’re wondering how I know this…it is because she’s been around since before instagram…and she’s worked for huge brands in fashion…and huge brands in shitty, sweatshop made lingerie, that appear in every mall across america for fat women to buy in hopes of looking a fraction as good as the hired models who have been thrown down all our throats…like the cake our fat asses clearly love eating…with the illusion that the bra will save the day….when really…an eating disorder is a better option….fatty.

That said, she’s more than just one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex, tainted, vaginas he probably never fucked because he’s gay and was just doing it for image…she’s also tits in a Fashion magazine…and I think that’s great….

She’s a good Jewish girl…making her family, her rabbi, the Jewish men not married to 6 foot tall Jewish models, and me proud…even if her tits are a 5/10 compared to other Jewish tits I’ve masturbated to…because I have a Jewish girl fetish…because Jewish girls laugh at my jokes..and are the only answer my text messages…asthe non-Jewish girls are too uptight for that…

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Erin Heatherton for GQ of the Day


Here’s a Victoria’s Secret / Leonardo DiCaprio beard, because the rumor is that he’s gay, and likes having models around him, because they let him abuse them, and treat them like shit, and that makes him feel better about himself, but maybe that’s just lies from a model who went to one of his parties, who he didn’t fuck…you know how girls are, they get mean when they guy they try to whore themselves to reject them, it fucks up their ego and they don’t realize that they were practically masturbating while drunk for him and everyone around them, drawing unnecessary attention to them, in a get pulled by security cuz bitch can’t hang…

But I still think he may be gay, only because he has a house in LA that one of his BFF dudes lives in and drives his cars and I’ve heard…has weird sex parties…again all rumors…that don’t take away from the fact that Erin Heatherton has publicly stated through action that she’s a gold digging, ladder climbing, celebrity groupie fucking whore..and here she is for GQ…and here she is for America..

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Erin Heatherton Crotch Shot of the Day

Here is the pussy, in a bikini bottom, that Leonardo DiCaprio once fucked and even claimed to have dated, even though he dates all the models, it is kind of his thing…

I assume it’s tough for him to get pussy, seeing as he’s Leonardo DiCaprio, rich as fuck, rumored to have a massive cock, and all girls are aware of what dating him does for a model’s career …..

He’s probably paid by Victoria’s Secret to help launch their new stars into the limelight….as if they are just an escort agency to the stars…which they probably are….

I personally don’t think she’s all that great to look at…but I’ll look at any pussy definition in a bikini bottom…

Whether it was destroyed by Leo’s big cock or not…


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