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Phoebe Tonkin in Her Bikini for Some Photoshoot of the Day

Phoebe Tonkin is some Australian actor or model who is trying to make it in America, and I say give her the fucking Green card, because she looks fucking good, especially when her efforts involve being in a bikini, in the pool, looking amazing….

I hear good things about these Australians is that they are all fucking hot, so she likely doesn’t have a horrible ego where she thinks she’s hot, and that makes for the best kind of bottom feeder, you know she’s not like the shitty stripper with bad attitude who pretends she’s the fucking Queen of England while you negotiate a shitty lap dance with her for 10 dollars a song.

If you want more pics of her HERE SHE IS IN VOGUE

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  • cowbulls

    Make it a stipulation that she has to bang at least 4 different guys per month and I’m for her.

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