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Phoebe Tonkin for Calvin Klein of the Day

I don’t know who Phoebe Tonkin is, but apparently she’s Australian and I love Australian girls even if they are gutter, rough around the edges and ex criminals, you know not quite classy or elegant, but a lot of fun to get drunk with, partially because they just like cruising’ with the dudes and don’t act like high maintenance cunts about it…even if their bodies and faces are hot enough for them to be…because they know they are Australian and second rate and being second rate means they try harder…

I think I am in love…

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Phoebe Tonkin Bikini Top for Twitter of the Day

Phoebe Tonkin is some Australian actress who was a big deal in Australia apparently, before her team decided they should make her a big deal in America and landed her on some show called The Vampire Diaries, that I have never seen, but assume a lot of you weirdos have probably masturbated to, because vampires speak to two demographics, teens and fucking weirdos…

She posted a bikini pic of herself, it’s not all that exciting, but it reminds me that Australian girls, even when they are bratty celebrity cunts, are still awesome, from the accent to the beer drinking, Australia is just hot bitches who don’t act or know they are hot, because they are all hot, except maybe the skin cancer white trash trailer park dwellers with fake tits…but they don’t count, they are too busy making babies with various baby daddies…

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Phoebe Tonkin in Her Bikini for Some Photoshoot of the Day

Phoebe Tonkin is some Australian actor or model who is trying to make it in America, and I say give her the fucking Green card, because she looks fucking good, especially when her efforts involve being in a bikini, in the pool, looking amazing….

I hear good things about these Australians is that they are all fucking hot, so she likely doesn’t have a horrible ego where she thinks she’s hot, and that makes for the best kind of bottom feeder, you know she’s not like the shitty stripper with bad attitude who pretends she’s the fucking Queen of England while you negotiate a shitty lap dance with her for 10 dollars a song.

If you want more pics of her HERE SHE IS IN VOGUE

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Teresa Palmer & Phoebe Tonkin Twitter Bikini Pic of the Day

Teresa Palmer is some Australian actress who I think I am in love with.

Phoebe Tonkin is some Australian actress who I think I am in love with.

Together they are in this instagram/twitter/facebook pic wearing bikini tops in efforts to mock my love….or the fact that I won’t commit said love to one of them specifically causing a whole lot of drama since before 10 minutes ago, I had never even heard of them…but more importantly cuz I fall in love every day and can’t commit to one woman…especially one I’ve never met, but more importantly who has never heard of me, no matter how bad I wanna stick it in their batty holes….

I love when hot bitches, especially hot Australian bitches are friends….

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