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Rihanna Instagrams Her Favorite Slutty Concert Pics of the Day

Rihanna posted these pics on instagram, even though we all know it is not actually Rihanna who is posting these pics to instagram, but it is her handlers who run her shit, because she is a business, a brand, and empire, and some uneducated trash from Barbados is just not capable of handling the shit, she’s more about being the dancing monkey on stage, not because she’s black, but because they give her money, and it allows her to be the most important person in Barbados and that works for her small minded hustle‚Ķ.

But it is nice to see what her people think are her best, most representative images of the slut, even though I’m sure they all hate her, and would want to post the pics of her spread asshole, but the economy is shit, the job is too good, and they get to brag about being associated with such greatness, because the world is full of groupies‚Ķ

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