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Eva Amurri’s in a Bikini for the Internet of the Day

EVA AMURRI ….is the married, weak chinned, daughter of Susan Sarandon, who has massive tits. she put out there in CALIFORNICATION: CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

Because like all rich girls, she is damaged, filled with daddy issues, seeking male attention, and more importantly, feels the need to pave her own way, despite using her family connections, to get a gig in TV, that involves showing off her huge tits, like she’s not from a Hollywood family, but is instead some low level, small down, recent to LA waitress trying to make it…in what makes little to no sense to me….until remembering that all girls like their tits being celebrated…cuz you know her mom could get her any movie or TV role she wanted…but instead she went for the tits…making her a modern day rich kid hero….

And here are those Tits she’s got in a bikini….all married and not as exciting as when they are in TV shows…helping establishing herself as a serious artist and not just her mother’s daughter…in roles normally reserved for strippers.

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  • cowbulls

    I like the curves. I hope she gives them up freely and often.