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Susan Sarandon’s Daughter in a Bathing Suit of the Day

Susan Sarandon has a daughter, like most celebs who in their self involved narcissism want to reproduce with a richer guy than them to give them some level of security even if they are already rich….to elevate their level of richness to the next bracket of richness…it’s just how these things work. Women breed up, unless they are Britney Spears….the only issue with that is that their genetics get diluted by dude who is rich sperm…which is usually a bad thing…cuz rarely are rich men good looking…unless they are born into it thanks to their ugly rich dads knocking up hot models…SCIENCE…

Point being…her daughter is old now, but for a while was a titty actress trying to create her own career as an actress….on Californication…with her tits out….and that concluded her acting career – now she’s just a mom. In a bathing suit…cuz a ho is a ho is a ho is a ho.

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Eva Amurri Martino Bikini Mom of the Day

Butter face Eva Amurri Martino, who is probably best known, or only known for being the daughter of Susan Sarandon, who inherited momma’s big Rocky Horror Show tits, and who was able to get into acting, naked, on Californication when that was a thing….before realizing “Why work, I’m rich”…and instead got married / knocked up and mom of two or three kids by now…where she was smart enough to get as skinny as she has…but who has lost the tits that made her interesting…remaining the butterface she was…without the tits that carry her…but still impressive thanks to being skinny in a world of fat as fucks…

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Eva Amurri Bikini Mom of the Day

Eva Amurri  Bikini

Rich celebrity kid who is not Lily Rose Depp’s daughter, but still the daughter of some famous people, who is only getting this post because she’s a famous rich kid, named Eva Amurri…busted out the mom body in a bikini on the social media and looked pretty good….

She did try to get fameous for a minute – by using her mom’s contacts and booking a show she got topless in – as a talking role…in 4 episodes of Californication…which was the peak…and really a gift to all of us because we got to see those Sarandon tits….

I guess it didn’t work out for her, so she did the less hot mom thing, but she still manages to low level show that rich girl with a trust fund who doesn’t need to work’s body…

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Eva Amurri Pregnant Bikini of the Day


Ready to drop picture brought to us by the not very famous -but her mom is and that’s all that matters Eva Amurri…

It’s labor day, and I’m prepping for my annual labor day birthing videos…it’s the best at the worst…

So this Eva Amurri chick did try to get fameous for a minute – by using her mom’s contacts and booking a show she got topless in – as a talking role…in 4 episodes…which was the peak…and really a gift because we got to see those Sarandon tits….

I guess it didn’t work out for her, so she did the less hot mom thing, but she still manages to low level show them tits….and that’s how we start the day here…


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Eva Amurri’s Pregnancy Bikini Photoshoot of the Day


Eva Amurri is a character you don’t give a fuck about, but those of you who somehow do care about her, she’s in a bikini while pregnant showing off the big tits, which must be the only thing you are into her for – because she’s only got tis going for her, and I guess her mom is Susan Sarandon – and that alone helped her get on TV where she was topless – despite having all the connections and money – that’s the best she could fucking do – low level massive sized tits on Californication – what weird rebelling that is no more – because she’s dropped out of acting to play bikini housewife and she posted this shit – that I am reposting because big hormonal pregnant rich girl tits is the shit I don’t like – but don’t mind because they are tits and would life to K-Fed – otherwise I can just watch her TV performane tits which are far less pregnant…

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Eva Amurri Fitness of the Day

eva (18)

What the fuck is this cheesy, low grade photoshoot shit….this bitch is

Susan Sarandon’s rich kid spoiled brat who even has a career thanks to being Susan Sarandon’s kid..but the career…is more showing her tits…

She can afford to get herself an actual photographer, not some bootleg porn PA who they give the camera to to take the stills no one cares about…

This is garbage…but she’s in a squat..all mom of 2 of her…and I guess she’s more interesting when not running her own “Lifestyle Blog”…and more into showing off her massive tits…before they got pregnant…

The useless kid of Janet from Rocky Horror’s tits..was set of tits on Californication, because let’s face it, Californication would cast any low level, bootleg actress for their topless parts… CLICK FOR ClIP CLICK HERE

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Eva Amurri Martino Bikini Round Up of the Day


There is something boring about a Hollywood Celebrity daughter who tried to get famous on her own, using her mom’s contacts, because her mom was in Rocky Horror Picture show, and that’s fucking serious acting motherfuckers, enough to get her useless kid to be a set of tits on Californication, because let’s face it, Californication would cast any low level, bootleg actress for their topless parts…

There is somehting even more boring than that Hollywood celebrity daughter…in and of herself…even in bikini pics….when WE’VE SEE THE BIG NATURAL TITS

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Eva Amurri Yoga of the Day


When you’re looking for fitness inspiration on social media, I wouldn’t suggest Susan Sarandon’s daughter’s instagram page, I mean not that she likes to be known for as Susan Sarandon’s daughter, it’s so annoying for her when she goes to castings I am sure, which is the reason why she did all this topless shit for Californication, before realizing that getting paid shit to get topless on Tv, is way less fun than living off the trust fund allowance, and marrying some rich dude to finance her like she was financed her whole life, since working is silly…unless it just comes to you because you’re Susan Sarandon’s daughter…ya know…

HEre she is in Yoga poses…boring…

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Eva Amurri Pregnant Bikini of the Day

For a solid minute, EVA AMURRI , who is Susan Sarandon’s spoiled brat daughter, decided to make a name for herself, instead of just living off her mom and her husband’s money…

So she decided to get TOPLESS IN CALIFORNICATION at least once, pretended she got the role on her own and it had nothing to do with nepotism, felt good about herself getting off her ass and doing something, before throwing in the towel and becoming a housewife, because now you can’t tell her she’s nothing but a housewife rich kid, and she can forever live on being the girl who was a little more than an extra on TV with big exposed tits once…

She posted these pregnant bikini pics, I know that’s a fetish for some of you curious about sticking your dick up in a baby filled uterus, so that’s why I’m posting this.

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Eva Amurri Bikini Top of the Day

Eva Amurri is the big tits and butter face that crawled out of Susan Sarandon’s vagina somewhere around 30 years ago…a poor little rich bitch who decided she wanted to make a name for herself, and instead of taking the Disney Roles her family friends would have given her out of sympathy, you know some Hollywood Handouts as Hollywood does…she decided to take a low level part where she put her huge natural tits out there on Californication…this is a girl with a trust fund, a huge inheritance, all the opportunity in the world, who could have done community theatre or some shit and never worry about rent, food or designer clothes…yet she decided to show off her huge natural tits…in a part that only really required that…and didn’t have any depth or need any talent beyond that…and for that..I guess she needs to be celebrated, even though she’s gone on to be married and have kids, because any rebellious rich girl who doesn’t give a fuck, or at least pretends to not give a fuck, is awesome when I get to see their tits…

Here are some bikini pics she posted to the internet…

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