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Kanye West Using Kardashians in Promoting his Album of the Day

Kanye is promoting his new album Yeezus, by having his daughter with fame whore Kim Kardashian the day it was slated to be released. He also pulled a sex scandal 3 days before it released. Dude knows what he’s doing…every move is calculated for his empire…But what I don’t understand a few things…mainly why he would cast his brother-in-law in a promo video of his album doing some American Psycho act with another one of Kim Kardashian’s homies…

I mean I get that he’s Hollywood, and forever locked into that horrible family, but he probably should publicly acknowledge it, it can’t be good with keeping things hip hop, even if hip hop is all hollywood pop now…if I was him I’d play the deadbeat dad role…or maybe I woulda accidentally punched the pig woman in the stomach a few times…or staged a car accident to rid the world of her like a real YEEZUS would.

Here’s one of his new songs called Black Skinhead and love him or hate him, and wish bad things on his baby momma or not, dude knows how to make good music…

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  • Rosarch

    Not brother in law because he is not married to that bitch and Dicksucker is not married to his Lardassian either. All the kids are just bastards.

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