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LOLZ of the Day

Leave it up to the Asian named Jessica Lee to figure out a clever quote for her year book using the periodic table of elements to code the shit…it’s like the nerdiest protest, or statement ever, but the message is loud and clear, once you decipher it…

Do you know what she’s trying to say here?

Here’s a clue – It’s pretty gangster…and that’s why I’m posting it. It made me laugh. Maybe I just like seeing uptight Asians protest their demanding parents using the tools their parents made them study every saturday morning along with piano classes, chinese classes, and some sports team to keep them well rounded, to have a better life than owning a convenience store…

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  • I had to ask our Chemical Engineer where I am for help with this.

    Luckily he has a good sense of humor. =D

  • ar2x7

    still not sure… lil help, I isn’t Asian

  • Sean

    FUCK BiTcHeS GeT mONeY

  • Travis

    Worst LOLZ EVER.