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Helen Flanagan See Through in NUTS of the Day

I am into this HELEN FLANAGAN , soap star from the UK with great tits who quit being in a Soap Opera to go onto bigger and better things…like showing off her tits…because when you have tits like this, you might as well throw a solid regular acting job girls would die for, down the toilet, to do glamour model pics, in what we can only describe as major fucking daddy issue…issues so deep that all she cares about is having her tits stared at, rather than actually learning lines and being on TV and shit…

She’s in NUTS this month, she’s in a sheer Bra, she’s pretty fucking substantial and doing a good job with this whole “Look at my tits, they are big thing”…I’m into it.

TO SEE Charlotte Springer, Sallie Axl, Hazel O’Sullivan in the Same Issue Showing Their Tits

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  • Pugiron

    Quit acting? Got cut because she could not make weight.