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Farrah Abraham’s Uncensored New Implants Surgery of the Day

I am into Farrah Abraham and not just because I get to watch her fuck, take facials and squirt in her AMAZING SEX TAPE …oh right…that’s the only reason I am into Farrah Abraham….because before the sex tape, I had no idea who she was, reminding girls everywhere, if you get yourself on TV for idiotic reasons, then get fake tits, and turn to porn, because you’re broken to begin with, you will get the adoration of men everywhere, or at least from me, cuz I like when the natural slut comes out in people….

Here are her uncensored implant pics that INTOUCH circulated because INTOUCH is smut in denial…

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  • This is new way of porn. That breathing tube is looking an awful lot like a dildo. That mixed with the bloody pics not shown here can & have make me cum in my pants.

    A lot. <3

  • Cannon Show


  • Rosarch

    Sad, she is still alive.

  • Martin

    Great. Another young woman succumbs to the pressure to have plastic bags sewn into her chest to create totally unnatural-looking rock-hard protrusions. Stretch marks are an added bonus.

  • Sarah

    Boy, she has a bad complexion without all the coverup makeup.

    Yep, those rock hard bags make her look oh so sexy… gross

  • Beezers

    Now matter how large she makes those bags, she will always have an ugly face!