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JoJo in a Weird Metallic Bra of the Day

JoJo was in a weird Metallic Bra for some photoshoot because I guess people still care about Jojo for reasons I don’t understand…I mean she didn’t even matter when she was famous…but I guess there’s a niche for her, you know one or two really weird dudes who are obsessed Jojo fans, who masturbate on her pictures and wallpaper their shitty basement apartments with them…you know creepily obsessed with her because they crossed path with her once, or because they are schizo freaks, because even the most insignificant of people can have at least one deranged stalker…

Luckily for me, I’m not one of them, maybe cuz she’s gone black and tarnished her vagina, not that I’m racist, but that I know I can’t fit in that stretched out snatch…I’m small like that.

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  • dude

    You obviously care about her for you to be posting about her. Either or you just need ratings for your shitty website. Also what do you care if people still have interest in her? You have mental issues whomever writes this crap.

  • She’s hot that’s what matters that’s why people care =P