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Alyssa Milano in Maxim Old Ladies You’d Still Fuck Issue Of the Day

Seeing Alyssa Milano all posing sexy in Maxim is weird to be…not because I saw her hairy arms, she’s had lasered on TV grow up before my very eyes, from 14 to 100 fucking years old, and seeing her try to be sexy makes me uncomfortable, but because she’s 100 fucking years old, and posing sexy, and that in itself should make everyone feel uncomfortable.

I don’t care if she’s hot for 100, or not, she’s still a menopausal dried up twat who has no business being half naked…

I don’t care how much she works out or how much estrogen she pumps herself with to stay youthful and womanly during “THE CHANGE”..

I don’t care how many obsessed fans are still into her cuz they are freaks and don’t know how to move on in their lives to experience new things, because the old and familiar are comfortable.

This should have never happened…

But I guess seeing as Maxim is going a dying magazine, it’s only natural to feature actresses whose sex appeal is dying if not already dead…


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  • Well, they are the same magazine that decided to be “cutting edge” by naming a metrosexual male as their “hottest” celeb choice.

    They died a long time ago. They are a zombie magazine now.