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Alyssa Milano Swimsuit Cleavage of the Day

Alyssa Milano like most annoying women who don’t like to think that their existence is based on the fact that they have a cunt and/or that dudes were jerking off to them since they first got on television, because that’s just the way dudes are, allowing them to have a pretty fruitful career despite being talentless hacks, riding that dick sucking stardom as hard as she could….but that wasn’t enough, that didn’t satisfy her, she needed meaning, purpose, an opinion and influence…

SO instead of just being the b-list or c-list actress with the hairy arms and the decent sized tits, she had to become a twitter troll fighting the twitter trolls, basically being an influential whiner, inspiring other miserable white ladies with their whacked out perspective on the world, from their suburban mom consumer lives….

She’s been consistently annoying on every possible “talking point” or “political position”…all from the perspective of a rich retard who go rich from having tits and not from anything actually impressive, besides the hairy arms, which were freakishly impressive, but probably not in the way a bitch would want to be seen as impressive…

The interesting thing about this feminist archangel fighting the feminist agenda, orange men grabbing pussies, misogyny, fighting for equality and the MeToo movement all while being a vapid hypocrite….calling herself an ally while acting like a superior to the people she is an ally too…like a hero who can save them by giving them a voice…she’s Alyssa Milano….she’s more than just tits in their 50s, she’s got a purpose…while resorting to showing her tits in their 50s….

Cure this pig like a prosciutto…you know, Italian things…..


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Alyssa Milano Old Lady Libtard in a Thong of the Day

Alyssa Milano celebrated her 50th birthday by putting her old ass in a thong for the internet like some kind of pervert…

There was a time, when Alyssa Milano wasn’t as political or annoying and I could make fun of her ITALIAN hairy arms like a normal person, until she wrote me some sad and depressing “you’re a jerk” fuck you before blocking me on twitter. You know the good times before she became some unelected voice who whines about everything, in efforts to justify the guilt she may feel from being overpaid, rich cunt, living the life of luxury, or at least to pretend she has depth when we know they are all just vapid whores trying to get jerked off to.

I don’t actually follow any of Alyssa Milano’s whining, but I know it’s been bad…with things like boycotting twitter by still posting on twitter, you know keep twitter shit…but even better, getting rid of her Tesla for all the harm Elon has done to her buying twitter, replacing it with e German car that was used in the Holocaust era!

She’s 50 years old, she went to Cabo with her girls, where they proceeded to sexualize themselves, act like college whores, and be pretty fucking white girl wasted cringe….living that feminist dream….where I am sure she brought a person of each culture she could find so that she didn’t feel racist in the process, even though inviting people because of their race is fucking racist bro….

Here’s the self involved video she made:

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Alyssa Milano Nude in the Tub of the Day

Memories of the time Alyssa Milano blocked me on twitter before she went totally fucking woke and annoying in her entitled celebrity who is a totally delusion idiot who lives a life of hypocrisy as they live their lies that they believe…you know all part of the entitled celebrity who can’t just shut the fuck up…because some asshole she sucked off as a teen gave her that first TV job at a young age…so she thinks she matters, her opinion matters, her voice matters and to offset being a shitty fucking person, she tries to do what she thinks is good, by spreading messages of what she thinks is doing good, from her rich person castle that I am sure smells like old pussy…

She blocked me because I made fun of her hairy arms, I am petty in my cyber bullying….but here she is naked in the bath, the weirdest thing to snap a picture of for social media, like what’s the purpose, what’s the point, isn’t she 50….is this how baths are supposed to unfold, I get it if you’re a whore on onlyfans, but when you’re Tony Danza’s daughter from a 90s hit show turned social media annoying pig, I guess you post that kind of pervert shit too..


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Alyssa Milano Has Her Old Lady Tits Out of the Day

I guess Alyssa Milano is the horrible cast member of Charmed who did not get Breast Cancer or blacklisted from Hollywood, sent to Mexico for being a Dissenter like Doherty and McGowan, which is why she’s so much less interesting!

I forget that her hairy arms existed after the whole getting laser hair removal on her arms, since they never really appeared again….

I also got banned off twitter so I didn’t have to see her weird coddled toxic woke shit that I am sure was miserable during the pandemic as there’s no way she’s not a COVIDIOT or an asshole….

However, today, I saw her Halloween pics and despite not finding her hot as the Tom Boy on Who’s the Boss, or finding her hot at any point in her career, the Italian tits are worth staring at, even if they’re old, rotten milk filled and disgusting….

THEY ARE TIT, and for that I can ignore the miserable rest of her which is really a testament to the power of the TITTY, I mean they aren’t even naked tits and I’m willing to revisit this granny cunt.

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Alyssa Milano Bra of the Day

My claim to fame, or my peak moment in doing this site was not when Alyssa Milano told me off on twitter before blocking me, after a multi-year campaign making fun of her hairy arms that she’s since got waxed or lasered because clearly she knew I was right to say “woah, maybe someone’s a little TOO italian”….

I would say my claim to fame, or peak moment in doing this, from a celebrity perspective at least, was calling Jake Gyllenhaal a faggot…because he is one…but that was only a peak because Disney lawyers came after me and it was pretty fucking funny at the time because I got to see how these scammers scam…but this isn’t about me…

This is about a 50 year old expired celebrity that no one gave a fuck about before she became an annoying activist of Twitter, like the uneducated retard pushing her filth that she is, I mean thanks social media for not leaving a cunt on the set of WHO’S THE BOSS where she belongs…TONY DANZA.

Yes, I know she was on Charmed with Rose McGowan’s tits…but as far as I’m concerned, that’s pretty much leaving her on WHO’S THE BOSS because anyone who watched Charmed is not human…

I never found her hot, even at her peak on WHO’S THE BOSS, she was a crooked faced tom boy…not really my thing…

She’s a misguided idiot, but being her proud feminist showing off her tits, since they really are all she’s got going for her….especially at this age…so let’s celebrate a woman who knows her worth…cuz even those most worthless scumbag matters when they have tits.


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Alyssa Milano’s Titty Pic for Instagram of the Day

Alyssa Milano’s got big tits, which I never really noticed before, maybe it’s because she’s older or fatter, maybe they’ve always been there. I didn’t really watch Who’s the Boss, or Charmed so all the hype around her from her acting career, before she was a Twitter activist, was lost on me.

So everyone was out there praising her, mainly socially awkward nerds like you, I was like “that italian looks hairy”…and sure enough, I was right, her arms were covered in thick black hair, so anytime I saw her trying to be hot, in pics not unlike this, all I’d see was dude forearms which I thought would throw off other dudes, but didn’t because dudes are perverts and once there’s a tit involved, standards get lost.

That is not to say I have standards, or wouldn’t cum on a hairy fucking forearm if a bitch wanted me to, it’s just to say let’s point it out and get a dialog going about it, a conversation if you will, much like she does with all her personal agendas on twitter, despite having been a celebrity for so long and not really grasping real life.

SO…that eventually got me blocked from her, so I’ve missed out on the last 5 years of her on social media, and I feel #Blessed about that, but when tits are Out in a Robe, no matter who’s tits…I have no choice but to share.

In looking to see what else the big old tits were up to, I realized that unlike Paris Hilton, Rat Cow, and whoever else blocked me on Instagram over the years, not that I use instagram, Alyssa Milano hadn’t. Blocked on Twitter, not on IG…what an honor…

So I decided to put in a request to see her arms, because that’s what got me blocked on twitter. Will she notice, will she remember DrunkenStepfather as the troll making fun of her arms, will she be uptight like she seems to be about everything…will I get blocked, will I get ignored, will nothing happen….only time will tell and in the meantime…you can stare at her massive old lady tits busting out of this robe in what I would find weird if my granny had done the same thing at the same age…but only after I jacked off to it.

All this to say – Alyssa Milano – SHOW US YOUR ARMS!

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Alyssa Milano’s Tits in a Bra for Some Bullshit of the Day

I am not an American or an activist, I really think all that is pretentious and annoying…assuming people care about your uneducated biased opinion…that you stand on your soap box to preach…like some kind of crazed homeless guy…keep it to your damn self…we’re all in this world together, we know what’s up, we don’t need to hear you whine about it…

Alyssa Milano is a whiner from twitter, which in ways has given her second life to her career, like she was Christie Teigen the media assume people want to see them on TV because they follow and engage with their tweets…when really they should just be focusing on the titty selfies, instead of rallying the fucking troops who are only troops because they want to see the tits they used to jerk off to when you were on Who’s The Boss…

It is the era of the reboot tits, some bring back what we know tits, some equivalent to jerking off to your now 45 year old High School crush’s instagram vacation pics now that she’s divorced and doing Pilates, looking fit…only it comes with complaints about politics, about abortions, about feminism, about her hairy forearms…just non fucking stop insanity…that for some reason people are treating like it’s of value, but then again your country is media obsessed, your president a reality star, so obviously some dumb fucking Alyssa Milano opinion being taken seriously, is not even as crazy as ya’ll get…

The New York Times recently wrote a story called “Alyssa Milano, Celebrity Activist for the Celebrity Presidential Age”….I can’t read it because I don’t subscribe..but you get what I am saying….this shit is being amplified and perpetuated all because a bitch was on Who’s the Boss, otherwise no one would hear her cries and it’d be nice…peaceful…

The good news is that she’s using her big tits as clickbait, to endorse or promote whatever dumb agenda she has now that she believes her own hype, despite her own hype being absolutely silly…and this is the new, old lady, mom titty, strategy…and we like tits cuz they are what are important when it comes to celebrities of any age…that whole having an “opinion” concept coupled with having a platform to push that opinion is the worst.

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Alyssa Milano Tits of the Day

Alyssa Milano Tits Bikini

Alyssa Milano who is the fucking worst, has found her place on the internet as a 50 something year old activist, who is trying to solidify her position in the world by shitting out her politics all over twitter, fighting the good fight for women’s rights or something, most recently trying to start a sex strike for the #metoo or Believe All Women – anti-trump campaign….

I’ve luckily been blocked by her for a long time now, she got mad I used to make fun of how hair her arms were, before she got the hair on her arms lasered off cuz I was right….so I don’t have to see none of her nonsense….

It’s like you let a girl act on a show in the 90s and all of a sudden 20 years later we are supposed to care and see them as an expert…she’s an uneducated, grew up rich and coddled on TV, I don’t think very relatable to anyone….

But when her tits come out, they are worth looking at, cuz old lady tits, in this era of old ladies wearing bikinis are still tits…maybe not as hot or young or fresh smelling as the tit we want…but…tits.

Alyssa Milano Tits Bikini


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Alyssa Milano’s Thickness of the Day

I don’t really know what is going on here, but Alyssa Milano is dressed like a fat girl at Comic Con, in a costume and all, like some kind of fantasy wizard princess girl from some faraway fantasy land, using her tits and corset to couter balance her obesity, all in efforts to make nerds everywhere cum their pants to feel better about their fat selves….

All this to say…she’s the one who needs some fucking magic potion to drop the pounds, but if you’re a tit guy – who can crop out the rest of her disgusting, or an ass guy who doesn’t care that this is a dumpy old ass filling up spanx….you will probably like this


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Alyssa Milano Breast Feeds of the Day

I would say that no one remembers Alyssa Milano, because she barely mattered at her peak and she sure as hell doesn’t matter now, but the reality is that people are fucking weird and she’s one of those celebrities that will always have a core fan base of perverts who are really fucking into her, no matter how hairy her arms may be…and those people must be fucking dying now that she’s taken a stance to promote showing her tits in public like an exhibitionist, disguised as a breast feeding in public endorser, because it’s a basic animalistic thing to do, like fucking, which we don’t do in public as we’ve civilized as a people, yet that people should take a stance to do in public, because it’s only natural….and I like watching…

All this to say, I am all for this progressive women who pull out their tits in public because I like tits….sucking them milk filled, or not…on a hairy animal looking woman or not…who is too old to be a new mom or not…

Keep showing them tits for a cause…I’ll keep watching…which is more than I can say for anything she’s ever done…in fact this is pretty much her best work.

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