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Alyssa Milano Breast Feeds of the Day

I would say that no one remembers Alyssa Milano, because she barely mattered at her peak and she sure as hell doesn’t matter now, but the reality is that people are fucking weird and she’s one of those celebrities that will always have a core fan base of perverts who are really fucking into her, no matter how hairy her arms may be…and those people must be fucking dying now that she’s taken a stance to promote showing her tits in public like an exhibitionist, disguised as a breast feeding in public endorser, because it’s a basic animalistic thing to do, like fucking, which we don’t do in public as we’ve civilized as a people, yet that people should take a stance to do in public, because it’s only natural….and I like watching…

All this to say, I am all for this progressive women who pull out their tits in public because I like tits….sucking them milk filled, or not…on a hairy animal looking woman or not…who is too old to be a new mom or not…

Keep showing them tits for a cause…I’ll keep watching…which is more than I can say for anything she’s ever done…in fact this is pretty much her best work.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would happily drain that veiny fun bag dry.

    She would be looking around, thinking to herself “Who’s the boss”, all the while, her milk dripping down my chin, I would be thinking “Me, bitch, lactate more!”.

  • chillis

    Fuck this tatted up skank draggin her stupid brat kid pullin out her tits daily bitch

  • Jett Black

    Would happily and civily also fuck her in public.