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Rita Ora In a Bikini for a Photoshoot of the Day

Looks like pudgy Rita Ora starved herself for a few weeks before this bikini photoshoot she posted to the internet….

From what I remember she normally more busty, and less toned….I’ve got pics to prove it, I’m just too lazy to use the search bar on the site to find it.

For those of you who don’t know or care about Rita Ora, and I assume that’s probably all of you, she’s the UK Rihanna Impersonator, who I guess the Record labels liked and hired, in the event Rihanna ends up killing herself now that she’s a big star and not on a short puppet string anymore…You know now that she makes her own career decisions, and life decisions, and the labels who created her kinda work for her…an uneducated, inexperienced, coddled brat who makes stupid choices…they know she’s bound to fail eventually, and this is the back-up plan.

Now I’ve never listened to Rita Ora’s music, and I won’t, but I will stare at her in a bikini for a few minutes, but in my defence I stared at a fat granny in a bikini in the park for 4 hours yesterday, you know until it got weird for both of us and I felt I should go over there and introduce myself as the guy who was staring at her for 4 hours…but I didn’t for fear of being forced to have sex with her…despite having no standards, sometimes I try to avoid horrible decisions before they happen…and I guess so does Rita Ora, at least that’s what her starving herself for a change tells me. Good job!

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