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Kate Upton for Vogue Brazil of the Day

Kate Upton continues…

I have gone through the 7 stages of grief with this pig. I was shocked with her success, I denied that other’s were actually into it, I got mad about it, then I tried reasoning with you idiots to try to get you on my anti-Upton cuz she’s weird looking and more importantly, weirdly shaped…even with them titties…I’ve never felt guilt, because I’m a sociopath, and I didn’t get depressed because I don’t care…but I did see question marks every time she was in anything…

I’ve got to the point where I just don’t care either way. I’ve reached acceptance and I have hop…

The fact is that she’s got big tits, and as long as the magazine she is in photoshops out her gut, or make them look like they don’t sag to her belly like a grocery bag filled with dog shit…you know use the strategic top of the industry photography, styling, make-up, after effects…to lean her out and make her hot…How can I really fucking complain…

She’ll be around for awhile, just take it in….and here is her cover for Vogue Brazil

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  • Mitt

    Only on Brasil this fatso would be on a Vogue Cover.

  • Romney

    Who is next? Melissa Mc Carthy wearing a thong?

  • TwistBarbie

    Okayokayokay. I get that some people are into her because she has big tits. Fine. Put her in Sports illustrated. Maxim. Playboy or some shit…but VOGUE?!?!?!?! She is NOT that sort of model, not just because of her size, but she doesn’t have the look for high fashion. Whatever, this Kansas-faced tits on a barrel likely only has a month or two of fame left before she’s replaced by the next slab of blond interchangeable fuckmeat.

  • Phillip McCracken

    for some reason i start craving pork products whenever i see her…

  • SexyBitch

    She’s got a face made for sitting on.

  • Travis

    I guess Kate is officially the most successful plus-sized model of all time.

    Good for her I guess…

  • No Travis, Kelly Brook trumps her.

    At least I have seen her bare tits and bob for a dildo or something like that.

  • Jones

    Wow. If that’s plus size I’m really worried about America. She’s not skinny, yes. But she beautiful curves and face. White chick ass, but I can live with that. haha!