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Miranda Kerr in a Bikini for Some Magazine of the Day

Apparently, Miranda Kerr made the Forbes list of top 100 most powerful entertainers…I am not sure why, because she’s not really an entertainer, I mean sure getting half naked is entertaining for some of us….but it doesn’t really count, neither does marrying an entertainer and having his baby…so I can only assume Forbes jerks off to his wife’s Victoria’s Secret catalog when she’s out getting groceries like it was still 1990 pre-Internet.

I mean, she just quit Victoria’s Secret to attempt to be an independent worker in the half naked game. It may lead to TV and acting, but it hasn’t yet. She’s definitely not making Oprah’s 100 million a year, or Beiber’s 58 Million a year, or Ellen’s 56 Million a year, but is instead came it at number 100, in what I can only assume was a favor…because seeing her modelling in bikinis for some magazine I’ve never heard of is alright, but more along the lines of building up her portfolio of non-Victoria’s Secret work, rather than being powerful…

Who cares, here are the pics.

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