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Scarlett Johansson for Vanity Fair of the Day

I posted a couple of pics from this Vanity Fair photoshoot with Scarlett Johansson yesterday, I figure I’d post the rest, because she is one of those overrated, properly marketed Hollywood twat, who despite being doughy and uninteresting, is celebrated by men everywhere, even though she gets people arrested and locked up for sharing her nude pics with the world, even if he wasn’t the one taking the nude pics, but was the one clever enough to figure out her password was “ILoveCake123″….which is really something any of us could have figured out at the time of the nude pics, back when she was married, before her husband left her for an upgrade, who is hardly even that great herself….

The whole thing confuses me, but alas, she’s trying, and not horribly overrated, sloppy, or boring, and for that I will endorse her…even if I hate all she represents. I mean besides the big tits. We like the big tits..especially when the belly is under SPANX

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  • Travis

    I’m no Scarjo fan but going from her to Blake Lively is hardly an upgrade…