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Sofia Vergara in a Bikini Top on a Sex Swing of the Day

Sofia Vergara brought her big titties out in a bikini top and a pair of pants, like you’d expect an old lady who is a mom, but who works out, would do…you see flat stomachs are worth celebrating, but those cellulite ridden thighs and ass, just need to be covered up and the pic needs to be taken from a distance…because otherwise it takes away from her sex appeal…that is dying fast, but hasn’t died yet. You see you can’t fool nature, you can delay it, you can smoke and mirrors it, you can fool producers to give you work by extorting them like you learned growing up in Colombia, but being a chick over 21, every day that passes, is a day of being less hot. It’s a fact, you can google it.

That said, I appreciate her tricks to celebrate her big tits without ruining them with an sloppy ass, and I like that she’s on a sex swing, that may just be a swing, but if used properly, can be turned into one pretty easily…

I am not a fan, I am indifferent.

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  • cowbulls

    If the stories are true and she has been all access to darn near any man that wanted her then I applaud her.