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Kendall Jenner’s Teen Bikini Wearing Body with Puppies of the Day

The best way to creep up a picture, you may feel creepy looking at, because she’s only 17, is to throw in a couple of puppies, because puppies are the same thing you would throw into your pitch in conversation with them, provided you ran into them at the park…You would even have a leash to make the “lost puppy” and need for help angle more believable…

I live in Canada, 16 is legal, so 17 year olds in bikinis don’t excite me, if anything I find them as annoying as all teens who get all loud in public…they can’t handle their booze, they don’t know how to bang, even though they aren’t virgins, and they don’t really have a clue in how the world works, especially when they are coddled rich brats like these Kardashians…

The only thing decent about a 17 year old, is that they aren’t fat or dumpy, or as 25 year olds like to call it “Womanly”…code for fat….

At 17, with Olympic genes, staying fit is easy, and it looks good, almost good enough for her dreams of being a Victoria’s Secret model, a sign of how ridiculous our world has become, you know that the youth want to be bikini model.

Even though I can’t see anything bad in having a generation of girls trying to look like bikini models…because it’s better than having a generation of girls wanting to be fat lazy pics with 3 kids on welfare addicted to baked goods….

Either way, here’s the long legs in a bikini holding puppies…and it’s not as bad as the rest of the horrible family…but then again, nothing really is.

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  • beavis

    A leash!! Does that really work?

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  • SexyBitch

    I’ve got “womanly” pussy lips.