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Miley Cyrus and Ke$ha With Gogo Dancers of the Day

I wonder if these celebrity girls laugh when they meet normal people together.

You know for them, posing with the normals they sell product too all day, like posing with random party girls, is so foreign to them, it’s like us posing with landmarks on vacation, or with an African Tribe on our white person Safari….or some shit.

To me, it looks like both Ke$ha and Miley are taking in all they can from these Gogo dancers, in hopes it will inspire a new song or video or outfit because they are so disconnected from reality, this is there only real taste of it…It’s like take them out of their bubble and make them talk to a normal, who isn’t in the industry, and doesn’t have their own shit going on, freaky….

The only tragedy I see in this is that Ke$ha is ruining the pic, and Miley isn’t tweaking in a bikini, even though it is a pool party, I guess she’s on her period or something…

To see MILEY in a Romper in Miami at a Pool Party… CLICK HERE

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  • Ke$ha looks like she forgot to make her boyfriend Miley a $ammich.