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Nina Dobrev’s Bikini Continues of the Day

Nina Dobrev is up on the Audrina Patridge HOW TO MAKE YOUR VACATION LOOK LIKE YOU ARE 10 and RETARDED …but unlike Audrina she was clever enough to post a few bikini pics, because let’s face it, that’s all anyone wants to see. It’s like when I’m stalking vacation albums on Facebook, I don’t care about your fat friend being silly, or the lizard by the pool, or even the landmarks you visited, I don’t even like the bikini pics that are awkward and should have been edited out, I want all vacation pics, even if you’re fat, to be posed like a bikini model…I mean what the fuck are you girls thinking? Are you trying to get fans or dudes jerking off to you on Facebook or not…we can’t focus on your failures….

Here’s some little cunty brat from Canada and also from TV… living a better life than you…despite all that hard work you’ve put in at the plant all your life…kinda makes you feel like an asshole, doesn’t it.

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