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Kendall Jenner Looks Nude in this Shoot of the Day

Kendall Jenner is a teenage reality star, who at 17, has said she’d give away her reality show fame, if she could trade it all in to be a bikini model…

Which is hilarious because she is only a reality TV star because her sister is a pornstar with a strategic mom who was well positioned to stage and spin the porn into a money making empire….

But not as hilarious as the fact that I just analyzed Kendall Jenner’s career, or even the fact that I know who Kendall Jenner is. I guess that’s just proof that EVIL is winning…

The fact is that she’s closer to 18 than 17 and if you’ve ever been 17, you know not much changes between fucking at 17 and fucking at 18, but for some reason the law thinks it does…If you’re in Canada, 16 is legal..and despite the hot tight bodies, 17 is very annoying to try to talk to or hang with, making them not worth having sex with even when you’re allowed…because the “taboo” or a oppressive government telling you what you can and can’t have sex with being lifted, allows you to see the light with clear mind….

What isn’t legal anywhere, is nude pics of someone who is under 18, meaning these pics of her in some magazine called KURV are probably clothed, but they sure want you to think otherwise, and it is safe to say her mom is behind this, she’s a seasoned pimp, and knows how it is done..

So here’s a preview of the bikini modelling that is sure to happen, from this tall, lean, kardashian demon.

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  • cowbulls

    I vote we cut to the chase and start the bidding.