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Christina Aguilera May Be Getting Fit, But Her Ass Is Confused of the Day

Christina Aguilera reminds us that making fun of a fat bitch, works.

It is something that parents at school and the media call bullying, something they are aggressively campaigning against because a few gay kids and a fat weirdo killed themselves, making it a fucking national crisis, despite it being part of human nature, and even seen in the animal world, with primates and shit, but we’re civilized and need to keep our shit talking or telling people they are inadequate to our fucking selves, or else we will get arrested…

Bullying works…and if it didn’t, why would this pig be hitting the gym daily, cuz clearly she was into being fat, and even tried to take ownership on it, before it became too much for her to handle, and I’m not just talking about the elastic waistband of her pants, I’m talking her soul…

So now she’s getting fit, but her ass is in a state of confusion, as it bounces around in leggings trying to figure out what it all means, is it meant to be fat, or round, or flat, it just doesn’t know what’s going on, and for some reason I find it fascinating to stare at.

Follow X-Tina’s lead, choose life, not diabetes.

With Love,
Jesus Martinez


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  • The Anesthesiologist

    Xtina’s blubbery ass .. No no no!

  • Mr. Pneu

    It’s like the time I walked in on my grandmother and grandpa having sex sex, but under spandex. True story.

  • Christel Platt

    wow, that is really mean- whoever wrote this article, I hate to tell you this, but it will happen to you now, once you talk crap about someone- then it happens to you, its called: karma baby.

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