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Eva Amurri Bikini Top of the Day

Eva Amurri is the big tits and butter face that crawled out of Susan Sarandon’s vagina somewhere around 30 years ago…a poor little rich bitch who decided she wanted to make a name for herself, and instead of taking the Disney Roles her family friends would have given her out of sympathy, you know some Hollywood Handouts as Hollywood does…she decided to take a low level part where she put her huge natural tits out there on Californication…this is a girl with a trust fund, a huge inheritance, all the opportunity in the world, who could have done community theatre or some shit and never worry about rent, food or designer clothes…yet she decided to show off her huge natural tits…in a part that only really required that…and didn’t have any depth or need any talent beyond that…and for that..I guess she needs to be celebrated, even though she’s gone on to be married and have kids, because any rebellious rich girl who doesn’t give a fuck, or at least pretends to not give a fuck, is awesome when I get to see their tits…

Here are some bikini pics she posted to the internet…

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  • J

    Eva amurri is beautiful you douchebag! If that is ugly your gay!

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