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Uma Thurman in Bikini of the Day

This just in, Uma Thurman is still not a man, despite what her hands have been trying to tell us all these years…and she still confidently put on a bikini, even if there should have been a little resistance on her part, you know a little insecurity, self doubt…negotiations as to whether there were other options for her…but I’ll still stare but more because I’m trying to understand why I have the same bikini body as her…am I the one with the pear shaped problem with high estrogen levels thanks to not taking care of myself…or is she the pear shaped body with high testosterone…or worse..am I Uma Thurman? Or do I just look like her in a bikini…too many questions I don’t have answers for, this is too deep for me this hungover in the day… but I do have the pics of UMA and I Date you to look at them……

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