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Shawn Johnson’s See Through to Bra of the Day

Gymnasts, like swimmers, and really all professional Olympic athletes that are half naked in leotards jacked up their cunts all day, are perverts…you know down to fuck, ready to be half naked, all thanks to a life of showering with each other, and being on the world stage bending in ways you would want her hormonally modified vagina bending on your dick…

So seeing her bra in some random pic isn’t pornographic, especially considering every girl, even the most prudish girl, wearing these sheer tops and black bras everywhere I go, but luckily I’m old school and bras are still something naughty to me, so that every time I see one worn as outerwear, I think…”slut, get over here and sit on Santa’s lap”… in this fantasyI’m dressed in a santa suit..in case you were wondering. It’s not really my fetish, but I guess it is now…No Pedo.

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