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Lindsay Lohan’s Comeback in The Canyons of the Day

I am a firm believer that Lindsay Lohan will win an Academy AwardI am a firm believer that she will be making a comeback….I am a firm believer that a star as bright as her can’t ever be turned off…I am also a firm believer that Lohan and I are connected at the soul, I am also a firm believer that aliens live amongst us, that AIDS is a myth, that the smell of cheese between my wife’s legs is edible and not unhealthy…and so many other irrational, even crazy things…I am also totally inconsistent, but I will say this…Lohan is in a bra in the trailer and I like it…because her breasts are the most important thing to have happened in the 21st century…and that is one thing I know for sure…even if I don’t know much, but I know I love her…and that may be all I beed to know.

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  • Ryan Laudan

    I love how nobody ever has the balls to comment. Keep preaching the truth you fat piece of shit.

  • Rosarch

    It actually does not look that bad.

  • floorguy

    working with james deen, porn is just around the corner.

  • kittypurryxo

    That movie was pretty bad.